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Add in board partners plan to launch tablets

by on05 July 2013

Even phones in select markets

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the discrete graphics market is shrinking and companies who traditionally made their living from graphics cards sales have to rethink their future.

Many of them went after power supply units, chassis or similar PC related products and in select markets some of them tried to peddle tablets. Our sources admitted that this is a tough market to compete in, but there is some confidence that Nvidia might support some of them in an effort to push more affordable Tegra 4 tablets to the market.

Some big names in the graphics already have plans to roll out phones in China, with expansion to the Russia and Eastern European markets at a later date, as they know manufacturing and can believe they can offer a good price.

For example, Nvidia currently sells more notebook GPUs than desktop parts and the big hype about Tegra is simply the result of market trends, as the market goes mobile. AMD partners have got a nice boost of sales thanks to Never Settle Reloaded promotions, but the hope of a real next generation Radeon later this year should really help their cause.

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