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Video Capture on PS4 doesn’t take PlayStation Plus

by on09 August 2013

No subscription required for use confirmed by Sony

After it became known that Microsoft was going to require an Xbox Live subscription to use the Game DVR functionality that is one of the highlights of the Xbox One, Sony didn’t take long to respond. The PlayStation 4’s gameplay recording functionality does not require a PlayStation Plus subscription, Sony confirmed.

On the surface, the video capture functionality sounds a little more robust, as the PS4 is able to record 15 minutes of game footage. What we don’t yet know is at what resolution and at how many frames per second it is able to capture.

While Sony might not be putting the game capture functionality behind the PlayStation Plus subscription, with the PS4 some features and additional functionality will require a subscription; this we are sure of. Sony has not been clear on what those features or functionality might be. We do know that Sony has said so far that all social features as well as automatic updates will not require a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Sony apparently considers the video capture functionality as part of the social features of the console.

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