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Moto may be behind new Nexus

by on09 August 2013

Can’t do a worse job than LG

The Nexus 5 remains a mystery. Last year we had loads of leaks leading up to the Nexus 4 launch. First it became apparent that LG would make it, then a series of leaks nailed the specs. When it was launched, the Nexus 4 was no secret.

However, we still don’t know who will build the next Nexus and now it seems the job could go to Googlerola. According to Taylow Wimberley, who leaked a ton of accurate info on the Moto X, Motorola will release a new Nexus phone in Q4 – and that phone won’t be the Moto X.

On the other hand many sources, including some LG execs, pointed to a new Nexus from LG. Although we like the Nexus 4, LG didn’t exactly do a great job with it. The phone was practically unavailable for months and it suffered from a bad case of thermal throttling, which made its quad-core Qualcomm processor look as pointless as a V8 in a Trabant.

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