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Motorola demoed a bracelet smartphone

by on26 October 2023

Still no closer to hitting the shops

Motorola has demoed a bendable, bracelet-like smartphone that can wrap around your wrist.

Motorola Mobility product lead Lexi Valasek showed off the prototype, which looked ordinary to start: a slab of OLED with a bold orange chassis on the backside. Valasek quickly bent the phone into an arch shape, where it stood on her hand before she wrapped it around her wrist like a cuff. The phone seemed to adapt to its new positioning rapidly, quickly showing a giant clock, making the device feel like a smartwatch.

Valasek placed the phone around a silver band already wrapped around her wrist. Lenovo hasn’t said why, but this might be because the phone needs a magnet for a secure hold.

Videos Motorola shared with its press release today also show the user wearing some metal-looking band on their wrist that the smartphone wraps around. Images of the device show a metal-looking strip that might be for connecting to the additional band.


According to Motorola’s press release, the concept device has “FHD+” resolution across the display, which has a 6.9-inch diagonal size when flat.

When flat, the device runs the “full Android experience, just like any smartphone,” according to Motorola. This week’s concept differs slightly from the concept demoed at Lenovo Tech World ’16 in that it can be arched or bent upright. Sadly, Motorola doesn’t seem any closer to releasing the design.

Last modified on 26 October 2023
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