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PS4 is better because it has a sense of huma, says AMD

by on22 August 2013

Updated: Microsoft didn’t get the joke

AMD, which has provided the chip behind the Xbox-one and the PS4 has been explaining why it thinks that the PS4 is a better deal. In a move that Vole probably wishes had not happened, AMD's Senior Product Marketing Manager Marc Diana said that the PS4 had shipped with a sense of Huma [Heterogeneous Uniform Memory Access] from AMD.


Diana said that this gives the PS4 the edge on 3D performance. Talking to Heise he said that the heterogeneous uniform memory access is the key to the tremendous increase in performance of composite processors. PS4 does not have a distinction between CPU partition and GPU partition. Both processors can use the same pieces of data at the same time.

Since you can use both processors at the same time for a single task the system is extremely smart and extremely strong at the same time.

What is surprising is that when Microsoft came to order its chip for the Xbox One it did not see the same advantage. When it was revealed that the PS4 would have Huma it still did not think of an upgrade. The issue here is important for the coming console wars. In this particular round, the PS4 is going in cheaper and with a slightly better spec. This is a reversal of the previous state of play where Microsoft managed to give Sony a good kicking with the cheaper yet relatively powerful Xbox 360.


Earlier this morning AMD got in touch in with us and clarified Diana's statements. Here's what AMD had to say:

"During a recent gamescom 2013 interview, an AMD spokesperson made inaccurate statements regarding the details of our semi-custom APU architectures.   AMD will not comment on the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PS4 memory architectures and will not speak for Microsoft, Sony or other AMD customers."

Last modified on 23 August 2013
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