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Free Xbox One for Microsoft Employees

by on27 August 2013

Special white employee edition of the console

Microsoft employees are getting a special treat this November. Microsoft will be giving them a special “White” colored edition of the Xbox One console and controller for free. The console is unique in that beyond the white color of the console and controller, it also has the words “I MADE THIS” next to the disc drive. (No you didn't, a kid in China made it. Ed)

In addition to the Special Edition White Xbox One console and controller, they are also getting 1 year of Xbox Live, All first Party games, a special achievement, and the only catch to get this for free is that you have to be a full time Microsoft employee by 7/12/13 and you have to still be a Microsoft employee when it ships in November.

It is a very nice gift that Microsoft employees are getting for free to celebrate the launch of the console, but we suspect that you will find some of them ending up on Ebay at outrageous prices at some point in the future. We have to wonder if Sony will be as generous to its employees as well?

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