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Does the number of controllers supported matter?

by on04 September 2013

PS4 supports only 4, while Xbox One supports 8

Does the number of controllers supported by a console really matter? While it isn’t yet why, but the Xbox One will support the use of up to eight simultaneous controllers. The PlayStation 4 can apparently only support four simultaneous controllers. It isn’t clear if each controller needs to be signed in using a separate profile or not.

Outside of a few co-op titles and maybe some sports games it isn’t clear why you might want to use more than four controllers at once? It could be that Microsoft is planning for the future by offering support to handle eight controller connections and these controller connections could be used perhaps by other devices in the future? No way to tell.

While the PS3 supported the use of seven controllers, Microsoft has one upped that with support for eight on the Xbox One, but the question is if it actually matters. We don’t think so, but you never know what the future might hold.

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