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Intel 10-inch Bay Trail tablet in action

by on12 September 2013

IDF 2013: 4K video at near 0% CPU utilization

We had a chance to spend some time with a Bay Trail tablet prototype taken from the hands of François Piednoel, a principal engineer at Intel, one of the performance enthusiasts at Intel, and we saw this baby working on Windows 8.1.

The reference tablet was a 10-incher with 2560 x 1440 resolution, 2GB of LPDDR3-1067 memory and a 64GB eMMC. The Atom Z3770 works at 1.46GHz, but with turbo it goes all the way to 2.39Ghz, keeping the battery life at acceptable levels.

The machine ran Windows 8.1 32-bit smoothly and François demonstrated 4K video playback at near zero CPU utilisation. It would peak at start, but shortly after the start of video it would drop off and stay at below 5 percent of CPU utilisation, probably a result of the new and improved graphics core that can offload some of this work. Intel claims a full hardware acceleration for H.264 as well as Hybrid HW acceleration of MPEG2 including motion estimation and intra prediction.

It works well, the system seemed snappy and it doesn’t need an active cooler. It enables quite tin designs and with the right price people might go for it. The Android version comes later, we don’t know how much later, but Windows based tablets from Dell, Asus should start shipping soon. We guess we can pin it down for Q4 2013.



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