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Was the Watch Dogs delay down to quality?

by on17 October 2013

Sources say Ubisoft needs it to do well

What was the reason that Ubisoft delayed Watch Dogs? Well, it seems as if it depends on who you ask. The party line is that the game needed more time to polish it and make sure that it is the best game it can be. That actually might not be too far from the truth, but sources tell us that other factors are at play as well.

According to sources, with the news that the last couple of Ubisoft releases not delivering at the cash register as expected, the company needs a hit and can’t afford another under performer. The thing is about Watch Dogs is that the game has had a good buzz and Ubisoft is looking at this title to be a long term franchise for the publisher and it can ill afford to get off on the wrong foot.

While the delay only is moving the title into a release in the Spring of 2014, the extra time will be give the developers more time to polish the title and make sure that it is all that it can be and it better be as Ubisoft is predicting the title will move a lot of copies and in turn generate significant revenue for the company.

Let’s just hope that Ubisoft is right and Watch Dogs can deliver the kind of experience worth of all of the buzz. If it does the decision to delay the title will be looked at as a sound decision, but if the title fails to deliver it could be a big let down in the Ubisoft camp.

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