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Asetek first to liquid cool the HD 4870

by on26 June 2008


Ready for OEMs

Asetek is the first company to announce a liquid cooling solution capable of cooling DAAMIT's latest HD 4870 cards.

The new add-on to Asetek's LCLC liquid cooling solution is a single-slot cooling plate that can lower the temperature of the HD 4870 by up to 26 degrees. In addition to the lower temps, Asetek's liquid cooling for graphics card is silent, and the only thing that will make the noise is the fan on the radiator which typically produces only 30dBA of noise.

Since we are talking about the single-slot solution, it should be rather easy to place two of these in a Crossfire configuration, and this is something that OEMs really care about.

Here is how it looks.


Last modified on 27 June 2008
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