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Hryb says Microsoft is listening to feedback

by on26 November 2013

Personally passing on suggestions to improve UI

Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb assured Xbox One owners that he is passing on feedback and suggestions concerning the console’s User Interface (UI) to the appropriate Xbox teams. The website is dedicated to discussing the changes that users would like to see implemented.

After an extensive review, it seems as if the majority of Xbox One owners are unhappy that the Xbox One does not have many of the basic functions that are already in the Xbox 360 interface. For example the lack of friend notification, inability to directly manage storage, and not visual indicator for the battery status of controllers seem to dominate a number the major complaints.

Still it would seem that the number one issue that people don’t like about the Xbox One is the overcomplicated party/game invite system. This is compounded by the inability to send voice messages and having no online friend notification. Many people have complained loudly about the issues and Microsoft will have to take a look at the issues.

Many of the issues are things that we fully expect Microsoft to add to UI at some point in the future, but when they will be added of course is a mystery on to its own. Many reviews have commented that the user interface does seemed like it was rush to get it out the door in time for the console’s launch. Additional polish for the UI will come in future updates, we just don’t know soon.


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