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Microsoft talks Xbox One stats

by on04 December 2013

A report 11 days in on the exclusives

Microsoft has released some interesting stats from the exclusive titles that were released for the Xbox One. These stats are from Xbox One owners who have been playing Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Ryse, and Killer Instinct for the last eleven days.

• Over 3 billion zombies killed in “Dead Rising 3”

• Over 90 million miles driven in “Forza Motorsport 5” – equal to 3,673 trips around the world

• Over 186 million enemies defeated in “Ryse: Son of Rome”

• Over 150 million combos in “Killer Instinct”

While stats like these make people like Yusuf Mehdi who is the CVO of Strategy and Marketing for the Xbox One pretty happy, it is the record breaking sales of the Xbox One despite many of the rough edges that has humbled and gratified the team at Microsoft.

Since the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft has admitted that it is now sold out pretty much at all retailers around the world where the console launched. They are working hard to make more units in order to meet consumer demand for the Xbox One.

Microsoft is doing everything possible to deliver consoles to retailers as fast as possible this holiday season. Of course this does not clear up how many consoles they expect to deliver and how many of those consoles will actually end up for sale as retailers are still filling second rounds of pre-orders according to what we are hearing.

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