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Could a platformer be next for Rare?

by on18 December 2013

Might be next after Kinect Sports Rivals

Could Rare be getting ready to return to developing a new platformer for the Xbox One? Could be that a potential visit to Banjo-Kazooie, Viva Punata, or Conker are among some of the older Rare IP that Phil Spencer and the team at Rare might be considering a next-generation revival.

According to Spencer via Twitter, all of these are ideas that are we would not be surprised to hear. This is not the first time that Spencer has indicated that the possibility of bringing out updated versions of the classics from the Xbox and Xbox 360 catalog could be a great idea of it were done right.

The focus at Rare has been delivering the delayed Kinect Sports Rivals which will arrive early next year, but beyond that it appears that a new plaformer title from Rare is at least a possibility.

See more at Spencer’s Twitter feed here.


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