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MSI's 8.9-inch Wind notebook comes in September

by on16 July 2008


10-inch has priority

MSI has already been shipping 10-inch Wind Notebooks and the first batch was shipped and sold out pretty much instantly. Atom-based systems are very attractive and many people want to buy them. but many sources have warned us about the shortages. The shortage will most likely last at least until September. if not even until Q4 2008.

MSI's Wind notebook 10-inch machine currently has priority, as it's a bit more expensive than the 8.9-inch version and it brings a few dollars more profit. The 8.9-inch version codenamed U90 is still on schedule for a Q3 2008 announcement, but due to the shortage the 10-inch version gets all the attention.

The 8.9-inch Wind notebook also uses the same 1.6GHz CPU, as Intel simply doesn’t offer anything else and we had a chance to try the 8.9-inch prototype, and we can tell you that it works quite well. September is the earliest date you will have a chance to buy one.

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