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Nvidia Shield gets another price cut

by on26 March 2014

$199 with a bar of KitKat

Nvidia's Shield console just got another price cut. The console is now priced at $199, but Nvidia says this is a limited time offer - the Shield will be $199 through April.

More importantly, the console now runs KitKat and Nvidia says it has more support than ever. When it launched it could only deal with 24 PC games, but now there are more than a 100 games that support it. It also has 330+ controller enabled Android games, up from 130 at launch.

GameStream support is no longer in beta and now it can handle 1080p at 60fps, up from 720p at 30fps. Console Mode also got a few tweaks, as it now allows users to connect their Shield to a TC and control it via a Bluetooth keybroad and mouse. Of course, to use GameStream you need up to date networking fear and GRID functionality is still limited to certain markets.

Nonetheless it's a nice update, but quite frankly the Shield still comes across as a tech demo rather than a mass market product. In any case Nvidia is working to improve the console and expand support. There's not much of a market for Android gaming gear at the moment, but Nvidia is clearly looking at the big picture and making a long-term investment in this emerging niche.

Oddly enough, one of Nvidia's biggest Tegra 4 design wins comes in the form of the cheap and cheerful FunBox console from ZTE. The Chinese telecom giant hopes to sell three million units this year, most of them in China, which recently dropped its ban on the import and sale of gaming consoles.

However, the FunBox is a traditional home console, with no panel, batteries or fancy tech, which means it will end up significantly cheaper than the Shield. Perhaps it's time for Nvidia to try a similar approach?

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