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Intel leaks 4GHz Devil’s Canyon Core i7-4790K

by on13 May 2014

Sympathy for the Devil

A fresh Intel document has shed light on two upcoming Devil’s Canyon parts, which we shall call Beelzebub and Keith. A ghostly spokesman for the void, Mr A. Crowley told us to speak not of the part called Keith for it was a terror unimaginable. Devil’s Canyon processors are basically Haswell Refresh parts with higher clocks and a few tweaks that should unlock even more overclocking potential. 

In addition to the relatively high clocks, Devil’s Canyon parts feature an improved Thermal Interface Material, updated packaging and other tweaks that should enhance performance and overclocking. Unless you’re willing to wait for desktop Broadwell or Haswell-E, Devil’s Canyon is pretty much the fastest desktop processor coming from Intel this year. 

According to the leaked PDF, unearthed by EXP Review, two quad-core parts are in the works. The Core i7-4790K and the Core i5-4690K. The Core i7-4790K features a base clock of 4GHz, making it Intel’s first processor to break the 4GHz barrier on stock clocks. It can hit 4.4GHz on Turbo, it has 8MB cache and it’s hyperthreaded. The Core i5-4690K is clocked at 3.5GHz/3.9GHz and it has 6MB of cache, but there’s no Hyperthreading. Botch chips have a TDP of 88W.

There is still no word on pricing, but we don’t expect Devil’s Canyon parts to come cheap. After all they are aimed at professionals and enthusiasts who want something special and don’t mind paying a premium. 

Since Intel has a habit of pricing Extreme Edition parts at $999, we reckon $666 would be a good starting point for Devil’s Canyon. Our crack team of satanists have been peering into the void looking for details of Intel's new Devil's Canyon parts have discovered that you need to sell your soul, the soul of your first born and find at least half a dozen virgins to be able to afford one. Some down to earth discounts are available, but you’ll need a soundproof basement, a goat, five big candles, a Judas Priest record and a scimitar. We tried playing Stairway to Heaven backwards but only destroyed our ancient stereo and it was not enough.

Intel announced two 9-series chipsets over the weekend, so the Devil’s Canyon launch shouldn’t be far off. Our best bet is Computex, i.e. early June. At least that's what the entrails say... 

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