ARM notebook future leans on 5G
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Always connected at 7nm and 5nm

ARM has already shared with the press and analyst that the company expects to ship Cortex A76 based products in both 10 and 7nm in late 2018/early 2019, but now it has disclosed a few more details about its 7nm Deimos and 7/5nm Hercules parts.

Intel's 9th gen Core K-series CPUs will have soldered IHS
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At least some of them

According to a set of fresh Intel slides that have shown up online, it appears that Intel will finally switch to soldered IHS on its upcoming 9th generation Coffee Lake-S Refresh CPUs.

Intel teases its dedicated graphics card
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Starts early as it comes in 2020

Intel has now officially started to tease its upcoming dedicated GPU, codename Arctic Sound, which is now confirmed for 2020.

ARM aims to put fear of god into Intel
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Claims it's ahead of the curve with 7 and 5nm

CPU design firm ARM has shown off its roadmap for the next two years with the hope that it will inspire terror inside Intel and attract renewed interest from laptop vendors.

Intel releases graphics driver version
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One to have for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth on Intel IGP

Intel has started to keep up with new games by releasing a new graphics driver update whenever there is a major launch, and World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is no exception.

Intel to paper launch 9th generation chips
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19 August launch

Intel is to launch its 9th generation Core "Whiskey Lake" (or "Coffee Lake" Refresh) series on the 19 August

Intel 9th gen Core Coffee Lake-S Refresh SKUs could launch in October
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Three 9th gen Core series CPUs, Z390, and Core X-series

There been a trove of leaks regarding Intel's upcoming 9th generation Core Coffee Lake-S Refresh CPUs and the latest one suggest the rumored SKU trio could launch in October, alongside the Z390 chipset motherboards and the Basin Falls Refresh Core-X series CPUs.

Intel with 14nm still kicking industry’s butt
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Financial community got it wrong

After Intel announced that it had to delay its 10nm production to 2019,  financial analysts around the world reacted with negative stock comments and valuation. Most of them got things wrong. Intel with its $17 billion highest ever revenue showed magnificent growth in the data center and it made that $17 billion without 10nm.

Intel might drop hyperthreading
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Intel Core i7-9700K already is missing it

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn claiming that Chipzilla is dumping hyperthreading. 

Chipzilla lost Krzanich but makes more cash
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Things are getting better at Intel all the time

The second most important semiconductor company in the world,  Intel (ticker: INTC),  declared results for its second financial quarter and things apparently have never been better, even - or perhaps because - it lost a CEO during the quarter.