US chipmakers lobby for Huawei
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Asking Trump to stop hurting them to get to China

US chipmakers Qualcomm and Intel, are quietly pressing the U.S. government to ease its ban on sales to the Chinese tech giant, even as Huawei itself avoids typical government lobbying, people familiar with the situation said.

Apple rumoured to be buying Intel's 5G tech
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After it knifed its partner

Fruity cargo cult Apple is rumoured to be negotiating with Intel to buy the 5G technology that it rejected for its iPhone.

Intel hires chief architect of Xbox One
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Scorpio, and Scarlett SoCs

Our knowledgeable sources have whispered that Intel has hired John Sell, a chap who was the chief architect of Xbox One, Scorpio, and Scarlett SoCs. John joined as an Intel Fellow to work on security.

Huawei: Ennui thought it was the zeitgeist
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Opinion: Mike Magee's Rave - War of the Worlds kicks off

I never in my wildest dreams – and my dreams are wild, by the way – that I considered that a headline could combine Mandarin, French, English and German. This one has.

Intel unveils its Optane Memory M15 series
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The successor to the Optane M10

Intel has announced its new Optane Memory M15 series drives that get a significant performance boost and come in same 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities.

Intel working to bring IDF back
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This year 

Well informed sources close to the matter have informed us that Intel is working in bringing the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) back. It even might come back as soon as later this year.

Intel sexes up its GPUs
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Shows off test “designs.”

Intel wants to improve the user experience of the Intel Graphics Command Center by bringing in modern UI design with customisable skins.

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Shall we stock up again?

The chief executive officer of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has given a clear warning about the fragility of the semiconductor supply chain, prompted by the ever fiercer rattling of sabres between the United States of America and mainland China.

Chipzilla claims its integrated graphics are better than AMDs
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BTW there is also this nice bridge I would like to sell you

Chipzilla is having a go at convincing the world that its 'Ice Lake' integrated graphics are better than AMD’s current Ryzen 7 graphics.

Intel all core 5GHz Turbo i9 9900KS announced
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Computex 19:
To fight  Matisse

AMD is expected to reveal the Zen 2 tomorrow at its press event at Computex and Intel dropped a bombshell and announced the Core i9 9900KS with all cores clocked at 5GHz.