Intel nears the big 50
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Middle age approaches

Chip giant Intel will be 50 on July the 18th, and like many a middle aged soul, its mind is turning to events in the past.

Intel chooses Jerusalem for self-driving tests
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Because it's difficult

Part of Intel's attempt to re-engineer its business is getting into the self-driving business and now its Mobileye division said it has chosen Jerusalem to test its technology.

Intel's 10nm Core i3-8121U now detailed in ARK database
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Still without IGP

Intel has now officially updated its ARK database with the recently unveiled Core i3-8121U mobile CPU spotted in the Lenovo Ideapad 330.

Intel to continue its Israeli expansion
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Israeli economy minister spills the beans

Israeli Economy Minister Eli Cohen said on Tuesday he was told by US chipmaker Intel Corp that the company’s board has approved a plan to expand its operations in Israel.

Intel's first 10nm Cannon Lake CPU spotted in laptop
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Lenovo Ideapad 330 with Core i3-8121U CPU

Intel had a rough time manufacturing 10nm CPUs and while we won't see any volume until next year, the first laptop with 10nm Cannon Lake CPU has been spotted online in China, the Lenovo Ideapad 330 with Core i3-8121U CPU.

US falling behind on artificial intelligence
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Intel's Brian Krzanich warns US that other countries are more artificially intelligent

While China, India, Japan, France and the European Union are crafting bold plans for artificial intelligence (AI), the US is falling behind having shut down its own AI taskforce, says Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.

OS makers misinterpreted Intel CPU debug feature
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Intel's paperwork was not up to snuff

Almost all major OS vendors released security patches yesterday after a researcher discovered that some OS makers have misinterpreted an Intel CPU debug feature.

Volvo to get Intel-based infotainment with Android P OS
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Powered by Intel's Atom Automotive SoC

At the Google I/O conference, Volvo has teamed up with Intel and Google to show its latest infotainment system based on Intel's Atom automotive SoC and running on the latest Android P OS.

Intel Xeon AWS AI can read 4X faster than Nvidia
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Software optimizations to blame

There's an unexpected twist in the tangled tale as Intel managed to prove that for machine translation, which uses RNNs, the Intel Xeon Scalable processor outperforms NVidia V100 based systems by four times.

More Intel bugs emerge
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And maybe some ARM bugs too

German online magazine c't is reporting that as many eight new bugs in Intel microprocessors have been spotted.