First Intel Core i9-10900X benchmark leaks
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Cascade Lake-X CPU with 10-cores

Some of the first Intel's Core i9-10900X results have been spotted online, courtesy of Geekbench database, and these show some rather impressive high base and turbo clocks, as well as some impressive single- and multi-core score, considering it is a 10-core/20-thread SKU.

Intel scoops up GloFlo employees
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Maltese cross over

GlobalFoundries laying off more than 400 workers at its Fab 8 computer chip factory in Malta last year may have benefited Intel.

Comet Lake H  and S are going to disappoint
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GFX CI bootlogs are a bit of a snooze

Intel is set to release its Comet Lake product stack and retire its Coffee Lake architecture but Intel GFX CI bootlogs spotted by @InstLatX64 hint that Comet Lake H (CL-H) and Comet Lake S (CL-S) are a bit of snooze.

Chip wars take startling new twist
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Advance Intelligence:
ARMed and ready?

At a press conference here in Shanghai, a senior executive at Huawei suggested that Intel and X86 CPUs aren't up to coping with heavy lifting.

Wi-Fi gets its AX
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18 September 2019

Wi-Fi gets its AX

Standard finalised

The Wi-Fi Alliance has finalised its Wi-Fi Certified 6 programme, aka. 802.11ax.

Tiger Lake specs spotted
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17 September 2019

Tiger Lake specs spotted

Making a clean sweep of the specs

It is starting to look like Tiger Lake-U will feature a 50 per cent  increase in L3 cache capacity, going from 8MB to 12MB.

Intel responds to NetCat bug
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Not much to worry about

Intel has responded to the news that a bug, dubbed NetCat, can in specific scenarios abuse DDIO to obtain keystrokes and possibly other types of sensitive data that flow through the memory of vulnerable servers saying it is "low severity".

Another security bug found in Intel chips
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Forces of darkness nicked my keystrokes

Insecurity experts have found a flaw in Intel's Data-Direct I/O [DDIO]which enables hackers to capture keystrokes.

Intel Core i9-9900KS comes next month
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Running all cores at 5.0GHz Turbo

At the pre-IFA show held in Berlin, Intel has now officially announced that the special edition Core i9-9900KS, one running all cores at 5.0GHz Turbo, will be launching next month.

Intel GM of desktop slams Ryzen 5Ghz claim
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Core i9-9900K at 5GHz is Regular Nitrogen

John Bonini, a Vice President, General Manager Desktop, Workstations, Gaming at Intel came out with a great tweet.