Micron to buy Intel's stake in IM Flash Technologies
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It will save everyone of us

Micron is planning to take full control of IM Flash Technologies joint venture with Chipzilla.

Intel reduces stake in ASML
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Just three percent

Chipzilla has reduced its stake in supplier ASML to just below three percent.

Lenovo gives AMD the thumbs up
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And Intel the thumb down

Shortages of Intel processors means that major manufacturer Lenovo is using AMD chips more and more, while it has also given the hard word to Chipzilla.

Intel 10nm shipping inside of NUC
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Crimson Canyon

A certain number of Intel NUC SKUs have 10nm processors inside and they are codenamed Crimson Canyon. This was confirmed to us by Brandt Guttridge, general manager of desktop product marketing, at the last Intel desktop event and the only other notebook machine that features 10nm is the Lenovo Ideapad 330 notebook, available only in China. 

9th Gen Z390 chipset supports AC WIFI
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14nm and USB 3.1

The new chipset that will accommodate the Intel 9th generation Core processors based on 14nm++ has brought two new features. Intel has introduced WiFi integration on the chipset level as well as USB 3.1 gen 2 support out of the box.

Intel may have commissioned some misleading benchmarks
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But the press is still reporting them

On Monday, Intel unveiled the 9th Gen Core i9-9900K, which will rival AMD's Ryzen 2700X when it goes on sale in two weeks but may be over egging its performance pudding with the tech press.

E-gaming stadiums ready to roll
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Money money money 

It's an edgy business but a senior analyst predicted to his clients today that the future of e-gaming stadiums will be huge.

Intel also shows 28-core Xeon W-3175X CPU
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Unlocked and ready for workstations

In addition to the 9th generation Core CPUs and the new 9th generation Core X-series CPUs, Intel has unveiled a rather interesting Xeon CPU, the Xeon W-3175X.

Intel officially announces 9th generation Core CPUs
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Including the 8-core Core i9-9900K

At its special event "Fall Desktop Launch Event" in New York City, Intel has officially unveiled its new 9th Generation Core CPUs, the six-core Core i5-9600K, eight-core Core i7-9700K, and the flagship eight-core Core i9-9900K. Intel also unveiled the new Z390 chipset, a minor update to the Z370.

Intel's Bob Swan secretly wants the CEO job
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Exclusive: Murthy a serious candidate too

Well informed sources close to the matter have confirmed that despite publicly denying it, Bob Swan of Intel secretly wants the CEO job. The only other serious candidate within Intel is ex-Qualcomm's  Dr. Venkata (Murthy) Renduchintala, group president of the Technology, Systems Architecture & Client Group, and chief engineering officer at Intel.