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Kinect-less X1 could mean performance boost?

by on15 May 2014

Microsoft is discussing it with publishers now

Microsoft is apparently looking at ways to squeeze more performance out of the Xbox One and one of the topics it is talking to developers about is how the removal of the bundled Kinect might affect things. As everyone knows by now, Microsoft reserves processing power for Kinect and it is possible that without Kinect this processing power could be devoted to use by developer to improve the Xbox One’s performance.

According to a number of reports and rumors, Microsoft could be reserving as much as 10 percent of its graphical resources for supporting Kinect. This isn’t really that much of new news as Microsoft has stated that it planned on opening this up to game development at a later time.

If conservative estimates of a 10 percent reservation of GPU performance are accurate, this could make a real difference in the performance numbers between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Microsoft has continued to get beat over the head with the lower resolution and frame rate numbers, we are sure that they are eager to close the gap. Still how much will it really help? We will just have to hope that the get this done sooner than later as it could be a big help to the Xbox One for sure.

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