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Google Glass about to be out manoeuvred

by on06 June 2014

ChipSip could steal away its market

While Google is messing around with its Google Glass project and releasing it for silly money, it seems a Taiwanese company is all set to steal its thunder. 

ChipSip won Computex's Best Choice award for a pair of smart glasses that aim to steal the market away from Google Glass. ChipSip is flogging a $500 set of glasses dubbed SiMEye which is a third of the sum Google is currently charging early adopters in the US.

It can download Android apps direct from Google's Play Store via SiMEye's user interface, something that Glass can’t do. SiMEye can also capture video in 1080p, four times the resolution of it rival. It is expected to go on sale next year. But there are a few things that it can’t do as well as Google Glass. It lacks voice controls at this stage, you need to stick headphones in your ears and its is even more ugly than the Google product.

Still it does mean that Google might need to pull finger if it hopes to win the market before more nimble Asian companies steal the rug from underneath it.

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