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World’s largest video game collection sold

by on18 June 2014

Rakes in $750,000 or about $68 per game

The Guinness Book of World Records certified largest game collection went across the auction block and has been sold for $750,000. Michael Thommason owner of this massive collection put it up for auction earlier this month saying that he basically needed the money.

While many placed bids, the collection sold for $750,000 which is a lot of cash, but it comes out to only roughly $68 per game which is close to the going rate for console game new releases these days. Only 50 bids were placed in the end.

While we don’t yet know who the lucky buyer is or when the plan to take ownership of this mass of video gaming, it for sure is going to take come doing to box it all up and haul it away. We hope the new owner has some space, cause there are going to need it.

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