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LG G Watch to sell for $229

by on26 June 2014

Ships July 7th

Google has been working hard on its new platform simply called Google Wear and at Google I/O they finally introduced some hardware based on the platform.

The G Watch is LG’s first Google Wear smartwatch. It has a minimalistic, rectangular design and it can use standard, interchangeable 28mm watch wristbands.

The G Watch has a 1.65-inch (4.19 cm)  280x280 IPS LCD display with Gorilla Glass 3 and the watch itself has no buttons. It is controlled either by touch or voice commands. It is powered by a Snapdragon 400 processor that runs at 1.2GHz and has 512 MB, backed by 4 GB of storage. It weighs 63 grams which is significantly less than Qualcomm Toq with 90.7 grams and still 10 grams less than 73.8 grams with Galaxy Gear 2.

Snapdragon 400, IPS screen and 36 hours of runtime

The 400mAh battery should be enough for 36 hours of use, or a day and a half according to Google, which is not great. The Qualcomm Mirasol e-paper like color display can run three to five days depending on the usage but lacks some of the features and Google integration. The LCD seems to be the battery killer, along with a relatively powerful processor.


The watch charges wirelessly on a micro-USB pad and it has no USB ports of its own. However, you will find a USB pogo pin on the G Watch and you will place the watch on Charging Cradle that is powered by standard micro USB charger.

The G watch has 9 axis sensors (Accelerometer/Compass/Gyro) and uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy to communicate with other Android devices.

It is all about notifications

The watch is all about notifications. You get to read text messages, notes, weather, sports scores or and traffic info. If you swipe the weather app to the left you will see the week’s forecast for the given city and additional swipe will let you open the app and continue on the phone. Swipe to the left will remove the app from the home screen.

When you tap on the home screen you will activate Google voice search and voice commands. It works just as well as we saw it of the phone. You can ask your watch how many steps you’ve taken that day and get an answer, or the phone can ready you compose a text message which is quite handy when you are driving.

You can activate the G Watch voice action and Google search by flipping your wrist, but better be careful with the act of flipping. That will be interesting.

US readers can pre order it now at the Google Play store in the Black Titan colour option. It costs $229 and will ship on July 7th. 

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