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Hardline developers listening to feedback

by on03 July 2014

Beta has provided good guidelines to what needs done

The beta feedback from Battlefield Hardline has produced a lot of goof feedback from the community. The developers at Viscreal are taking the feedback in to consideration as it works on the game as it speeds toward release.

The feedback has been so good in fact that a list of the feedback has been compiled into what is being called “Community’s Most Wanted”. This list will help provide Viscreal with guidelines on what needs to be done to the game. While all this changes will not make it into the initial release, those not used will be guidelines for things to add and correct as updates and DLC are prepared going forward.

Going forward it is the hope that this dialog with the players will not end and feedback will continue so it can be used to evolve the game going forward.

Read more in the Battlefield blog here.


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