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Bing bangs Siri

by on28 July 2014

Advert claims that Siri is out-of-date

While advertising is not really a good method of reviewing too products, the latest Microsoft one does seem to put Apple’s voice assistant Siri in her place. In Redmond’s first Windows Phone 8.1 commercials, Microsoft shows out dated the technology in Siri’s software is. 

Comparing it to the unfortunately named Cortana, the new commercial sees an iPhone 5S pitted against a low-end Lumia 635, with Cortana handling people- and location-based reminders, along with traffic alerts for meetings. Of course Siri can’t do most of the things that the Lumia can do, even though it is a fraction of the price and from Microsoft. 

“Now that is a smartphone,” admits Siri as the comparison ends. This is not the first time that Redmond has used Siri to bash Apple products. The weak link in the Apple gear was the target of Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet commercials.

It must be a little embarrising for Apple’s super expensive top of the range iPhone 5S to be compared to a low-end Lumia 635 but Apple fanboys insist that you get what you pay for… oh.


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