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Skellow goes hardcore on Google Maps

by on12 August 2014

Cock-up on the mapping front

A small mining town near Doncaster became an internet sensation over the weekend after a picture of a naked bloke doing his exercises replaced the town picture on Google Maps.

Skellow which is only really famous because Oliver Cromwell stuck his big guns there during the English Civil war has so far appeared on Google Maps without incident. However if you searched ‘Skellow’ in Google over the weekend, you may have noticed a slight cock-up.

A search of the village chucked up the usual map, and history, but he photo was of a picture of a naked bloke with a towel over what was too small to be one of Cromwell’s big guns. He was clearly doing an exercise to toughen it up a bit. 

The Daily Mail said that the picture came from an online blog, Housequake, and was sent in by a user called ‘Jo’ from Wigan, Greater Manchester. We say “Greater Manchester” but looking at the picture it is not that great.

Someone clearly told Google it made a cock-up, and the picture has since been replaced by something more savoury.

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