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Leadtek has water cooled 8800 Ultra

by on26 May 2007


 Leadtek's Leviathan at Computex

Leadtek has announced the launch of its water cooled version of the 8800 Ultra, WinFast PX8800 ULTRA - Leviathan.

Let's take a look at the Leviathan's water cooling module, to see why it took the name of a large aquatic monster. It is a fully sealed water cooling module with a long time coolant design, so it should be maintenance free.

The water cooling module comes with a radiator with an inner diameter of 12x12 cm, which produces about 30dB. The fan on the radiator is 120 x 120 x 25mm and spins at a maximum of 2,500 rpm and comes with PWM control. As for the cold plate, it is made from aluminum alloy with a copper base and should give about 180W of thermal dissipation. The pump is rated at 3,800 rpm, and has a minimum flow rate of 1,200 ml/minute. The coolant has anti freeze (-14?) additives with anti corrosion inhibbitors.

Now for the interesting part, the card itself. It looks like Leadtek has hit the jackpot with this water cooling design. The core of this 8800 Ultra works at 684 MHz, which is 72 MHz higher than reference speeds and it's also the highest one we seen from an Nvidia partner so far. The memory went even higher and ended up at 2,322 MHz, 162 MHz higher than the reference model. The shader clocks haven't been announced, but XFX overclocked its 8800 Ultra's shaders to 1,667 MHz, so we expect a higher number from Leadtek.

Clocks should be higher, but as you know, partners like to stay on the safe side with overclocking and we are sure that this card could go even higher with that water cooling kit fitted to it.

An SLI demonstration model of the same card will be shown at Computex. Pricing hasn't been announced yet, but it sure won't end up being cheap.

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