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TSMC readying high-k/metal gate for 28nm

by on29 September 2008


Not 32nm

TSMC has
announced details about its high-k/metal-gate production process and it won't do 32nm, but rather wait for 28nm.

The company has also revealed details of its upcoming 32nm process, which will be a cost-down version of 40nm technology, whereas 28nm is a full-node process.

At 28nm TSMC will offer two options, SiON and high-k/metal-gate, while the high-k/metal-gate process will be offered in two versions: low-power and high-performance.

TSMC announced earlier that high-k/metal-gate will appear at 32nm, but it seems that it will be pushed back to 28nm. Rivals IBM and Samsung will have high-k/metal-gate at 32nm.

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