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World records going down

by on29 May 2007
Quad core pushed to 5GHz, P4 gets to 8GHz


Marcus 'Kinc' Hultin and Jon 'Elmor' Sandström did a few rounds with an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700, an ASUS Striker Extreme motherboard and two ASUS Geforce 8800 Ultra's in SLI. Italians played with their "alien" Pentium 4 631, and got it a little more over the incredible 8GHz mark.

Marcus and Jon encountered few problems and ended up at 24,604 points in 3DMark06, but it is not enough, since Kingpin has reached a little over 25,000. Marcus and Jon didn't play much with the graphics cards since it was already working at 800/1,200MHz at 1.5V, but that doesn't mean that they won't be. They concentrated on the CPU, and got it to a crazy 5GHz, the last record was again Kingpin's and was set at 4,880MHz. You can find more pictures and info on NordicHardware.


OC Team Italy played with their "golden" Pentium 4 631 and manage to push it to 8,180MHz. Since this CPU is multiplier locked they had to play with the FSB, which ended up at 545MHz, a 173% overclock. You can check the validated CPU-Z results here.



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