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AMD Dragon is next Spider platform

by on21 November 2008


Austin 2008: Environment

is the name of the new AMD desktop platform and it consists of three parts. The first one is Phenom II CPU, followed by Radeon HD 4000 series graphic and third and final part is a chipset and 790GX-based motherboard.

This is an upgrade to a quite successful Spider platform that AMD launched last year with original Phenom. Spider had good HD 3000 graphics and 780FX chipset, but it failed to bring a high-performance CPU, as the first Phenoms had this nasty TLB bug that left a big scar in AMD financial scores.

This is now fixed and Deneb aka Phenom II does looks great and it will overclock and run quite nice in this environment. Dragon is a powerful name for a platform, something that definitely is associated to Bruce Lee, the only man cooler than Chuck Norris, and it definitely sounds better than Spider.

The problem with spiders is that they can easily get squashed, which we cannot say for a dragon. The whole platform will embrace AM3 versions of Phenom II and DDR3 memory, but this comes after the original AM2+ Phenom II parts scheduled for early Q1 2009 launch.  

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