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GPU-Z gets an update

by on04 December 2008


Support for various ATI and Nvidia cards

W1zzard from Techpowerup has just released a new update for his VGA information tool GPU-Z. The new 0.2.9 version brings support for various Nvidia and ATI cards, Intel's GM45 variant 0x2a43, and some other minor fixes.

The new version of GPU-Z adds support for Nvidia's 9800 GT, 9600 GS/GSO, 9300 GS, Quadro FX Go1400, 9800M GTX, 9600M GT, 9650M GT, Quadro FX 770M, 9200M GS, 9300M GS, Quadro NVS 160M, G71 0x2e5, ATI's HD 4350, HD 4550, HD 4650, HD 4830, HD 4850 X2, RV670 0x9504 and Intel's GM45 variant 0x2a43 GPUs.

Other fixes include shader count reading for the HD 48xx cards, changed ATI driver function call method which should result in more accurate readings on X2 cards, improved VGA BIOS upload dialog, and corrected RV610 transistor count.

The new GPU-Z v0.2.9 can be downloaded here.

Last modified on 05 December 2008
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