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Former Relic team forms Smoking Gun Interactive

by on08 June 2007
Creators of Company of Heroes


Former developers of Company of Heroes, announced a formation of the new development studio, Smoking Gun Interactive. The development studio's purpose is, as the PR states, to "push the envelope and redefine the art of gaming.".

Smoking Gun Interactive, has been founded by an experience team that worked together for a long time, the web site states seven years. John Johnson, Angie Radwan-Pytlewski and Drew Dunlop are the guys that were former senior staff at Relic Entertainment. Head of the studio, CEO and Creative Director is John Johnson, the same guy that was Director of Franchise Development and Producer on Company of Heroes. As for the other two founders, Angie Radwan-Pytlewski was Art Director and Drew Dunlop was a Lead Programmer in the same strategy hit game.

"The team at Smoking Gun has worked passionately together for over 7 years, building teams that have created the most critically acclaimed games in their genre." said John Johnson CEO and Creative Director, "As the industry evolves so do the ways that people interact with video games. With our collective input Smoking Gun will be at the forefront of producing innovative best-selling titles, that really push the envelope further than we've gone before".

Smoking Gun Interactive pre-announcement made a lot of hustle, with the launch of, a mystery site that featured a series of codes that eventually led to the announcement of the new development studio. There is no word yet about any new games under development, but we will keep our eyes on this developer since the team and experience promises a lot.

You can check out their official web site here, and our colleagues over at the Firingsquad managed to get an interview with Smoking Gun's CEO, John Johnson.

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