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Credit insurance messing up IT

by on19 January 2009


Not paying the insurance money back

Credit insurance companies in Europe, who charge computer resellers and suppliers for insurance, have a new business strategy, at least in Europe they are being unusually late to get you your money back.

Many distributors around Europe are having financial difficulties and cannot pay for goods, and the worst case scenario, they are filing bankruptcy. Computer suppliers are relying on credit insurance companies but they are not avid to pay you on time, or sometimes at all.

So, if for example your customer went down, credit insurance company is there to cover the bill and what happens these days is that credit insurance company simply refuse to do it. They are being very smart about it, they are not answering your emails, phone calls or any other kind of communication, and all this after weeks or promises that they will play you within two weeks.

This puts additional pressure on computer resellers and suppliers and making the situation even worse than it should be. It is simply sad but true, but do you expect more from people who are living from others' hard work.


Last modified on 19 January 2009
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