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Edina inventor comes up with game shut off gear

by on30 June 2009


Turns off console

The nearly
eighty year old inventor of Edina has come up with a $30 device which will not exactly ender him to the younger generation. John Morrissey's Game Doctor Video Game Timer ends all arguments with kids about switching off their game console or computer by automatically turning off the power.

Morrissey, a 79-year-old Edina inventor, thinks there's large, pent-up demand for his inexpensive and easy-to-use device, which is spelled GameDr. The gear is made by Digital Innovations. It says that there are moms who say they love this, and that they know 10 people who need one.

But others say it's terrible and that parents should just monitor their kids. We are not sure if anyone has thought this one through. Turning the power off is not the safest way to end any computer game. Turn Windows off halfway through operations could corrupt your disk. Still if the kid knows that they will be fighting to make sure it is shut down before the device does it. (I guess he could have added a five minute warning beep. sub.ed.)
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