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Wii could outsell PS2

by on14 July 2007


Statistics imply


Due to the immense success of their WII console, Nintendo is currenly rated higher on Japans 10 most valuable companies than almighty Sony. Nintendo sold 5.8 million units by March 2007 and plans to sell 14 million by March 2008.

When asked about PS2 price-cuts and introduction of PS portable, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata seemed unconcerned and it seems that Nintendo can't be touched any more.

The Wii outsold both PS3 and XboX 360 each month since its launch in November, and the reasons are mostly attributed to Nintendos innovative, easy to play but most importantly - really fun games. Oh and let's not forget the $250 price-tag and innovative motion-sensing controller, of which the first one is really tough to beat.

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