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Danamics LMX cooler goes on sale

by on07 December 2009


Liquid metal for €159

Danamics LMX has been announced a while back and has finally started to ship in Europe, or to be precise Denmark.

This rather unique cooler is based on liquid metal and features an electromagnetic pump in order to push the liquid metal through nickel-plated copper tubes. Although the first iteration of this cooler didn't do well, we honestly hope that Danamics LMX will be at least a bit better. Soviet submarine designers used a similar cooling concept on some of the fastest subs to ever roam the oceans, so it just sounds cool, literally.

The new Danamics LMX measures 158.2x170.5x90mm (LxHxD) and weighs a stunning 1180grams. It is bundled with two limited edition SilenX 120mm LED fans and is compatible with Intel's LGA 755, 1156 and 1366 sockets as well as AMD's AM2, AM2+ and AM3 sockets.

One thing that might help the new LMX cooler is its price, which is now €159 without VAT and although it sounds quite high, it is much lower than the €280 which was the original price of the previous LM10 cooler. You can find all the retailers/e-tailers here.

All we need now are few reviews to see how good is the Danamics LMX.


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