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Nvidia outs Tegra 2 reference tablet design

by on20 May 2010


9.7-incher with 1GB of memory

Nvidia has
shown off its reference tablet design based on the dual-core Tegra 250 SoC.

The device was churned out by one of Foxconn's sweatshops and it features a 9.7-inch screen encased in a rather unimpressive plastic chassis. However, Gizmodo loved it, and it apparently feels rather good.

Compared to Apple's iPad, Nvidia's tablet seems to offer quite a bit more on the inside. The 1GHz processor is about 25 percent faster than iPad's Cortex A8-based CPU. It apparently has 1GB of memory, which is four times more than the iPad. The design features a camera and two USB ports, but it is somewhat smaller than the iPad.

Nvidia chose to use a customized Android OS and it even showed off a couple of games on the gadget. You can check it out here.
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