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Asus keyboard Eee uses 1.6GHz Atom

by on12 January 2009


CES 2009: 1GB memory, XP

We’ve seen
what might be the hottest surprise of CES 2009. Asus has shown off an Eee PC embedded in an Apple-esque keyboard.

Since both Engadget and Fudzilla wrote about this new aproach to HTPC here and here, we wanted to get more details about the device, and some specs. Asus was kind enough to show us the working prototype and we can tell first hand that the machine doesn’t gets hot. The 5 inch display is touch sensitive and the keyboard PC works with it, even when not connected to an external monitor.

Engadget told you all about wireless HDMI and how Asus wants to implement it, but we got the rest of the spec.


The machine has WindowsXP SP3, 1.6GHz Atom CPU and 1GB of memory, and with the current battery you can expect 1.5hrs of autonomy, but Asus hopes to improve this figure.The machine should be ready to ship in Q3 2009.

When it comes to connectivity the machine has HDMI, VGA, LAN, two USBs, microphone and speaker analog connectors and  a memory card slot. The storage details are still unknown, as the company is still working on the final spec.

Here are some of the pictures we snapped.



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