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RV610LE consumes less than 25W

by on12 April 2007


DX 10 OEM /
entry level killer product

ATI still
has some great and cheap DirectX 10 products. Forget about the R600 saga for a second as we need to concentrate on the market that brings more money. The RV610LE is an entry level card that will sell for less than $70 and probably even less if you are a big OEM such as HP or Dell.

We still don’t know the clock for RV610LE, but we do known that the 65 nanometre chip comes powered by 800 MHz memory. The cheapest version is branded as the RV610LE and the card has 128 to 256 MB of memory, depending on the OEM or partner, naturally.

RV610LE supports various display configurations such as VGA out, one DVI and VIVO connector or HDMI, DDVI and VIVO. It takes up a single slot and needs only passive cooling.

It supports HDCP and software crossfire, but the best thing of all is that the card consumes less than 25 Watts.

Last modified on 12 April 2007
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