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R600 XT GDDR3 is faster than 8800 GTX

by on13 April 2007


In some of the tests

AMD is planning a stunt with R600XT and it looks like that the R600XT chips might actually be faster than G80 GTX. From what we learned even the $/€399 should beat Geforce 8800 GTX at default clocks. We don’t know does this apply for all cases but at least in most of the games and benchmarks ATI part should win.

Radeon HD/X2900 XT with 512 MB should end up beating Nvidia after all. We know that ATI has better and faster driver especially in OpenGL and the new driver and 512 bit memory interface will help this card win the race.

From what we know the R600XT with 512 MB might have very similar speed to the R600XTX with DDR4 and 1024 MB but just at cheaper price.

Does this sound like a hope for ATI? It does to us.


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