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R600XT cooler gets to degrees 100 C

by on03 May 2007


Updated: Burn, burn, yes you gonna burn

Have you ever met Mr Burns from Springfield? If you haven't, meet his cousin, his name is Mr R600XT, as this card has great potential to burn your fingers.

A chap informed us that after the card was powered down for two minutes he still couldn't touch the back of the cooler. A separate source reported that the card runs at about 100 degrees Celsius which is ridiculously hot.

So an R600 can at least heat your apartment and don't even think about putting one in a plastic case as, it might melt it. This just adds to the bad news about the R600XT. I really think that this time AMD got really close to a NV30, Geforce 5800 Ultra fiasco, but it got at least get some things right. The R600XT can fight the 8800 GTS but nothing more than that, at 100 degrees Celsius.  

Updated: We have more details here with pictures to prive the temperature. 

Last modified on 04 May 2007
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