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ATI HD 2950XT scheduled for Q3

by on10 May 2007


To save the lousy year

We already wrote about the ATI HD 2950XTX card based on R650, the 65 nanometre chip scheduled for Q3 2007 here

There will be one more high end card based on the 65 nanometre chip that is likely to replace the soon to be launched Radeon HD 2900XT cards. The new 65 nanometre core codenamed R650 based card will be known as ATI Radeon HD 2950XT. This is the slower revision of the R650 core.

We hope for DAAMIT's sake that they will manage to launch these R650 based cards in September / end of Q3, but how can you put your trust in roadmaps from a company that delayed every single chip this year.

The Nvidia G90 should be ready around the same time, but we have very little information about shrinked version of the G80 chip.

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