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DX10 Ruby demo and Lost planet benchmarks

by on14 May 2007
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From the web: All about DirectX 10

Our friends over at OCWorkbench got HD pictures and a video of ATI's Ruby DirectX 10 demo. You should take a look at those, Ruby looks great in HD. You can check it out here.


The Firingsquad tested the Radeon HD 2900 XT. They even tested the Crossfire, but the most interesting part is that they got their hands on Call of Juarez DX10 demo, and put the R600XT against 8800 series. It can beat 8800 GTS, which is by the way cheaper. DAAMIT, hurry with those new drivers. You can check it out here.

Someone at HardForum posted a screenshot from the German site called Pcgameshardware, showing the results from the Lost Planet demo, which should be available tomorrow. They put the Nvidia 8800 series on the test and even compared it to the 2900XT in one test, but the results are strange. The R600XT gives 19 fps while Geforce 8800 GTS does 39 fps, thats why it's strange, R600XT's performance is not like expected, but it's not that bad, but everything will be clear tomorrow when Lost planet makes an official appearance, and we see more of these benchmark results. Here is the screenshot of that benchmark results.


You can find more on Hardforum here, and the original benchmark results and screenshots from Lost Planet demo on PCgameshardware here.

Thanks to Antony for sending these last two. 

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