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RV610 and RV630 chips are out

by on12 June 2007


AMD claims, but...

DAAMIT announced that it has started shipping the RV610 and RV630, 65 nanometre chips and the products branded as Radeon HD 2600 and HD 2400 but this is only partially true.

As the press release claims AMD is getting these chips to its Add in Board partners including Asus, Club 3D, Diamond Multimedia, GeCube, Gigabyte, HIS, MSI, Palit, PowerColor, Sapphire and VisionTek.

Some of these boys have the chips but it will take at least two weeks till the cards are ready. The official launch is scheduled for 1st of July.

Some System Integrators and OEMs got the most of the early chips and a lot of them went to eastern market. Some of the early revision chips, like A13, had a big issue with HDMI but some of the System integrators didn't care much about it and just got the whole thing.

There will be more announcements this week as in selected markets you will be able to buy HD 2600 or HD 2400 powered machine.

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