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Notebook might overtake desktops by 2010

by on30 July 2007


Intel predicts

Nvidias VP threw a number to its analysts that Intel predicts that there will be more notebooks than desktop computer by 2010. Gartner thinks that this transition should happen a year later, but if we remember correctly and if the situation hasn’t changed dramatically by Q3 2007, there is a big chance that the companies will ship more notebooks than desktop machines.

We will be looking closely at the development, as this will mean that the CPU and GPU manufactures would have to create even more power efficient chips, as nobody likes a hot notebook.

Nvidia has to spend a lot of time and money to make its chips run cooler, but we believe that the company is on the right path. According to our sources, it's about to transition to 65 nanometre and this is something that Nvidia's notebook chips will really like.

Last modified on 30 July 2007
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