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R780 comes in Q4 2008

by on06 August 2007


Current schedule


We talked about the fact that ATI wants to change the strategy and plans to have a new high end card every six months. We wrote that the R670 is made up of two RV670 and comes in Q1 2008, R700 should be ready in Q2, probably late and there will be one more card by the end of 2008.

The codename might change, but at the moment ATI calls this high end chip R780 and as far as we know it should be an improved version of the R700 chip.

We don’t know any of the real specs, but we know it will continue to follow the multi core design and will be DirectX 10 compliant if not even 10.1.

Lets just hope that for ATI’s and AMD’s sake that the company can stick to this plan.

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