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D8E prototype up and running

by on17 October 2007


Nvidia high end undergoes testing

Nvidia has prototypes of D8E Enthusiast cards and it is working hard on a driver for such a beast. This dual chip, dual Printed Circuit Board is something that Nvidia has had in the works for a long time, but it has been tough to make this card with a 90 nanometer chip.

The power consumption for a 90 nanometer dual chip would be enormous and the D8E is a bit more modest with a dual 65 nanometre card that needs 220+W.

Nvidia has the hardware ready and now it is all about the software:  Windows will probably see this card as an SLI setup, but Nvidia might change this if that is possible.

D8P, Desktop eight generation Performance card, now known as 8800 GT will be launched later this month, on the 29th to be more precise and D8E – Enthusiast is the next one but still scheduled for 2008.   

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