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Nvidia could not make Quad SLI work

by on23 October 2007


Welcome Tri SLI

Nvidia was working hard to introduce Tri SLI and our sources have indicated that Nvidia is launching Triple SLI simply because it got far better results than with four cards.

Many enthusiast PC vendors were unhappy before with the performance of two 7950GX2 cards in Quad SLI, as the performance was marginal and they simply expected more from twice the price of a single card.

Nvidia worked hard to fix this issue and it looks like Triple SLI is the best it can do now; but we know that ATI is working on Quad Crossfire that will be ready in early 2008.

This is why Intel’s internal announcement that Skulltrail, its ultra high end gaming platform, has support quad SLI doesn’t sound that optimistic, at least not in the short term.

Last modified on 23 October 2007
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