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Razer says blood will be shed

by on17 August 2007


Grass roots mystery marketing

It seems that
what we have labeled as “grass roots mystery marketing” continues to be one of the best ways to start a buzz prior to a new product introduction. Razer has started such a buzz with an Email that we received today for their web site - .

Beyond the fact that more news will be released August 23rd one can only speculate as to “whose blood will be shed” and “how” with the details that follow. But could this be a not-so-stealthy introduction of a new mouse from Razer?

The saga of grass roots mystery marketing continues to make us wonder how truly effective it is. Do people really pay that much attention to cryptic messages and codes that are distributed prior to a product release? Or can it be that these grass root efforts rely on fanboys of the company to create a buzz for a new product launch?

Does all of this intrigue prior to product launch really translate into more sales as a result? While we don’t know what the real numbers will be at the end, it is fun to watch these innovative schemes attract attention. Let’s face it: in the end not many people would know about it if we didn’t cover it.

By the way this date is the first date of Games Convention in Leipzig and don't worry we will be there.  

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