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Geforce 9600GT to sell for $169 to $189

by on20 February 2008


Same amount of Euros

We believe that Geforce 9600GT might be a great chip, but we believe that the price is a bit too steep for a mainstream card in Q1 2008.

Due to the Nvidia vs. ATI price war, the prices went significantly down, and selling a Geforce 9600GT card for $169 to $189 will be a tough job. This is the U.S. suggested e-tail price for non-overclocked 9600GT cards.

Nvidia has to thank its 8800GT pricing, as you can get this card for about $200 to $219 and with such a tiny difference, we can always suggest that you go for the 8800GT.

Pricewise, the overclocked Geforce 9600GT might get close to 8800GT, and we can tell that even the vanilla 8800GT will be significantly faster than any 9600GT.

At the same time Sapphire's HD 3870 sells today at Neweg for US$189.99, making it even more difficult for the 9600GT to compete. It will be a tough sell, and if you haven’t realized this ATI launched its Radeon 9600 almost six years earlier.  

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