Spring Creators Update will take 30 minutes to install
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Better than one to two hours

Software King of the World Microsoft has sped up the amount of time it will take to upgrade its Windows 10 major feature upgrade.

US politicians try backdoor to take foreign data
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Bipartisan deal will force US Cloud companies to hand over data

Buried in a federal spending bill released late is bipartisan legislation to clarify a law that would require Cloud companies to hand over data stored overseas.

Futuremark shows DirectX Raytracing tech demo at GDC 2018
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Says DXR benchmark is coming

Following Microsoft's DirectX Raytracing (DXR) announcement, Futuremark has unveiled its new DXR tech demo at the Game Developers Conference held in San Francisco, showing a first glimpse of what can be achieved with Microsoft's latest DirectX 12 feature.

Microsoft steps in to help open source with its licensing
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Gamekeepers helps poachers

Software King of the World Microsoft is joining Red Hat, Facebook, Google and IBM in helping the open source movement how it can sort out its licensing woes.

Microsoft and AMD bring FreeSync to Xbox One
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Both Xbox One S and Xbox One X

Microsoft said that its Xbox One S and Xbox One X will be getting AMD's FreeSync 2, a offering variable refresh rate over HDMI on supported displays.

Microsoft has issues with women who don't want good karma
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Huge numbers of complaints about gender discrimination or sexual harassment

Software King of the World Microsoft, whose boss said that women would get bad karma if they were aggressive about getting money for their work, is suffering from a wave of internal complaints about gender discrimination or sexual harassment.

Microsoft to jack more AI into Windows 10
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Microsoft looks forward to working with more primitive biological lifeforms 

Microsoft, whose staff apparently have not seen 2001: A Space Oddysey, is planning to jack more AI capabilities inside Windows 10.

IBM settles trade secrets case with Microsoft
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Ending chief diversity of option

IBM has settled a trade secrets lawsuit it brought against its former chief diversity officer who left for a similar job at Microsoft.

Ghana teacher demos Office without computer
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Internet sensation

A teacher in Ghana who educates his students on computer technology - without any computers - has become an online hit.

Gates says that cryptocurrency is technology which kills
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Directly killed people

Software King of the World and sworn enemy of the mosketo Sir William Gates III has come out swinging his weighty opinions against cryptocurrency.