Microsoft spills the beans on Scorpio
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Where's the mango?

Software king of the world Microsoft unveiled last year that it will be launching a super-specced Xbox One variant -- codenamed Project Scorpio and now Vole has split the beans on what they will look like.

Nearly a fifth of Chinese smartphones are fake
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And a quarter of video game consoles

If you are fond of buying cheap smartphones and games consoles from China then you should be aware that a big chunk of them are fake.

Microsoft discounts Xbox One
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In time for Christmas

While the UK is seeing price rises thanks to the falling pound, it seems that Microsoft is slashing the pricing of its Xbox One.

Wii U

Firmware update is too slow, so users turn it off


No place for new IP this late in the cycle


More details to follow in about two weeks


Activision has a deal with Rovio?


Still potential for a console release someday

crytek logo

DirectX 11 style graphics for current generation


Still not officially announced or confirmed